SmartFrame unit


  • SmartFrame™ Sub-Structure — At the core of the new design is the SmartFrame™ inner skeleton, which adds lateral stability to the chassis, provides a mounting location for all internal components, and provides additional insulation retention.
  • Insulation Retention — Our unique solution eliminates all adhesives from the cabinet insulation, which is secured through mechanical means by the SmartFrame sub-structure and additional retaining rods strategically placed near the blower assembly.
  • No External Side or Back Screws — The SmartFrame sub-structure eliminates the need for screws in the side or back of the cabinet. Not only does this provide easier, non-damaging sliding of the unit but more importantly will prevent screw sweating in high-humidity applications.
  • Easily Convertible Four-Way Multi-Position Design — The All-Aluminum evaporator coil is mounted to a coil pan with built-in grooves designed to slide in and out on tracks mounted to the SmartFrame sub-structure. The unit ships ready for upflow / horizontal left applications. Changing to downflow / horizontal right applications is as easy as removing the front panel, sliding the coil out, flipping it over and sliding it back in.
  • Three-Hole Condensate Pan — Accommodates both vertical andhorizontal applications.
  • Tool-less Filter Access — All models feature internal 1” common size filter provisions. B chassis models use a 16”x 20” filter, C chassis models use a 20”x 20” filter and D chassis models use a 24”x 20” filter.
  • Multiple Electrical Knockouts — The cabinet provides additional electrical knockouts and backing plates for easier electrical installations.
  • Improved Water Management — During design of these units, we improved water management, and made noticeable differences in the form of sheet metal and molded diverters, which better prevents water blow-off from the coil. There is also a downflow drain pan insulation kit (DPI B, C & D) available for the pan bottom when installing in a downflow application.
  • Low-Leakage Cabinet — All models comply with the factory-sealed air handling credit with or without field-installed filter kits as listed in the 2001 Florida Building Code, Chapter 13, Section 610.2.A.2.1.
  • UV Light Compatibility — The front coil cabinet and A-coil triangle end plate provide knockouts for installing most single-probe UV lights.
  • Embossed Cabinet and Doors — The cabinet and front doors incorporate embossments to increase cabinet strength and enhance aesthetics.
  • Heavy-Gauge Bottom Plate — The bottom plate below the filter assembly is made from heavy-gauge stock, which provides stability during shipping and installation.
  • 21” Cabinet Depth for easy attic installations.