Are you getting the most out of your home’s heating and cooling system?

You’ve taken care to select reliable, long-lasting heating and cooling equipment for your household. Take that attention to quality one step further by choosing an Energi Air brand air handler for your system. Energi Air brand air handlers help ensure that your heating and cooling system will provide your family with reliable, efficient comfort for years to come.

Energy efficiency equals comfort

An air handler is an often overlooked, yet essential part of your central heating and cooling system. The air handler is the indoor portion of your “split system”. The Energi Air brand AVPTC and MBVC Air Handlers feature a variable-speed blower motor reducing the likelihood of hot and cold spots in the house and provides increased efficiency over standard efficiency motors. The MBVC Air Handler is a high-efficiency blower section which is matched up with a compatible indoor evaporator coil and connected to your outdoor cooling or heat pump unit.

A critical component to maximum comfort

Energi Air brand AVPTC and MBVC air handlers are designed to deliver years of efficient performance. All Energi Air brand evaporator coils utilize grooved aluminum tubing to ensure optimum heat transfer and superior corrosion resistance. To ensure consistent reliability, every evaporator coil is tested three times to avoid leaks.

Reduce indoor humidity

A warm summer day is fine as long as humidity doesn’t cause you to break into a sweat when walking from your house to the car. The same applies indoors. You’re more comfortable inside your home when the moisture level is lower – just as you are more comfortable outside when it’s not as humid.

Energi Air brand systems, particularly those with the variable speed motor, are designed to improve air comfort by lowering indoor moisture levels.

The ECM motor’s embedded software is continuously self-monitoring and years after installation will still be protecting the motor. The motor uses a state-of-the-art design to reduce noise. As further protection, an ECM motor can withstand up to a 6,000 volt lightning surge.

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